when rules and inspiration meet ….

when rules and inspiration meet I write in a way which my readers can comprehend what i desire to share Van Gogh could have practiced making designs which made no sense and yet the iris mesmerize people, because they are familiar enough to engage their curiosity with i write with spaces between my thoughts leaving off the punctuation so my readers know when I might be pausing between thoughts or taking a long breath when I write it is as if I have words swirling around me inside an experience and i am choosing to lasso the most appropriate ones which might convey some abstract thought like how it is to experience god hugging an olive tree in the midst of a workshop i became the universe i expanded to a place which had no edges i could decipher i felt as if i were experiencing myself as every star every person the planets the weather there was no me involved it is actually a wordless place which graced me and took me away on its wings private and shattering any rules by which i had lived my life up until that moment yet in questioning my experience i had to lasso some words with which i could make an attempt to hold it in my fingers and share

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