when my heart opened deeper

when my heart opened deeper

i remember as if it was yesterday   my feelings were caught up in my throat    the world stood still for a very long and endless moment  it is as if no one in the room were moving and there was only my breath a bit bent as my neck was twisted up laying on the table   tears streaming rivering down my cheeks   hot  spirit filled tears   i could barely believe what i saw    it was too real    too  amazing   too magical  it did not seem real

my heart opened wide and took in the entire room  every person, all the lights, the glistening through my tears,  dark red blood glistening and dripping onto my belly   there was also a glistening white chalky substance sprinkled about    here she is perfect as can be  she grew inside me  she actually is real here now on my belly   the doctor laid here here for me to see

is there anything more beautiful in the world    is there anything more precious than this baby  this precious child  this precious moment here now  me crying for joy  crying in wonder    gratitude pouring wordless gushing from my lips and from every single cell of my being    oh my god look at this magic   this amazing bundle of love and joy    behold this speck of god   i reach out and touch this wonder    this little bundle of iridescent love laying on my naked belly   our hearts our touching,   they surround each other  they merge and mingle for we are still one    touching her she touches me and we wonder here and now  in this silent space where time stands still   we imagine if more love and wonder could  ever ever fill a space like this

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