when I think of this moment of bliss

when I think of this moment of bliss I remember how Julie is one of the most magical inspiring teachers i know   it does not matter the mood I am in  what just happened in my morning or my day   Julie’s heart transforms me   she keeps prodding me to write  she inspires me to write  she encourages me, pulls me along screaming and complaining with my endless line of but I have to do this first ….   she is in my heart some days  she lives there reminding me personally of what my life is about like hers   yet she lives her and I allow mine to wallow in the moments become fallow  stuck  unused abused with putting my work first and my love last  what does that say for someone who might be a partner  me desiring a new love in my life  perhaps when I put this love first of all then my other loves will stand a chance of making their presence more well known   i continue to be drawn back to where I need to be with the patience of this incredible woman   I wish I could shower her  with millions of dollars for the richness she continues to sprinkle back into my life when I take time to write  For writing alone has brought more wealth into my life than anything I have ever ever done and I wish I could give something back in kind   more tangible perhaps than my gratitude

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