When I consider my writing as purposeful I will write …

When I consider my writing as purposeful I will write …  all the many stories my soul longs to tell, the suggestions, ideas, dreams, plans, untapped love, simmering molten vibrating sparkles of awe and wonder waiting to burn themselves permanently onto the page so I would remember and take action upon them.  When I am looking at my writing, I will be sharing my deep passion for nature and taking a bath in her womb, refreshing myself with her wisdom, clearing my clutter from my body mind and spirit. When my writing is purposeful, my soul will be dancing its wisdom and wonder in letters across the page and I will be drinking from this cup of writing which nourishes my life and guides me into my days and years more fully present to them.  When I consider my writing purposeful, my hand will become the hand of god pouring itself onto the page, into my life, seeping into every cell of my being, on all levels of my being and my life will become the inspired actions I am taking.  I will melt deeply into Oneness as the illusion of separation totally disappears and I am living the life I came here to live, passionately and purposefully alive, free, authentic.  My writing is my life and when I take time to face it, it sings loud praises for being here and now and hearing the calling of my name.  It sings of praises of love without conditions for it knows me and my song better than I know myself.  It is in my writing my bare and naked, raw clear fresh crispness can grow and flourish and be born anew, every letter dripping with the vibrancy of spirit of goddess unleashing itself into a world hungry for her presence.

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