What I truly want to write today …

What I truly want to write today is.… I am enjoying the ride so far!! I am involved in a 30 day Creating the Impossible and chose a new lasting relationship with a man of my dreams.  I was scared and it was surely something I really wanted and yet seemed impossible to create in 30 days.  Yet miracles happen all the time, so perhaps maybe this one.  I was really scared to share this with others however, most people in this group would be strangers. OK  The the 3rd day you were instructed to ASK for advice and support. Take 100 actions steps, ask 100 people! That was out of my comfort range!! That was not what I expected. Yet I was committed.  What did I have to lose? If I did not get a man, I would just be without a man.  I wrote a nice email with my requests and began going through my email list. I sorted things out and just sent one email at a time, pausing to send love and blessings and appreciation to each person I was sending an email to.  I took a breath and let go of my attachments to receiving a response, or to what feedback I might receive. At the end of the day, before falling into bed, I had sent an incredible 87 emails!! I did not even know I knew that many people! I even called my daughter since she had used a dating site! So I am proud of myself. I want to pat myself on the back and say “I DID IT!!”  I asked for help and support!!  So far I received 15 replies with some great tips!! I am doing something vibrantly new and exciting today!! Creating a new intimate loving relationship in my life!! Hurray for me!!!

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