What I truly want to write is ….

What I truly want to write today is finishing my book.  Part of me would love to just quit all these classes and reading and drive to the beach for a week and get my friggin book finished about how to live a happy fulfilling life from animals and nature’s point of view.  Just finish it instead of talking about it for five years.  I wonder how many wonderful things I might miss if I did that?  Would my life stop or stand still?  Our house could burn down or I could be hospitalized, or be sick or, or, or…  So I truly want to finish this book …Voices of Nature Calling Us Home

And I also would like to finish writing my book about animal shelters and how to improve them. I used to have pages of writing about that, lost now, about all the ways I could think of to create shelters which are MAGNETIC to people… people are attracted to shelters because they are such fun places to visit with music and pictures and all sorts of wonderful things!!  I need to get this done

And I truly want to get my blog finished and writing each week, many days a week and just share what is up in this moment and just share all the thoughts and ideas which come up for me endlessly and often get caught up in my mind like one huge gigantic log jam! I love to write daily and it would be grate to just share somewhere even if not many read it.  The right person can read it every day in ways which might transform them and I am always changed myself by what I write!

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