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Wednesday writing WC Julie 6-2012

my writing today is for…..

my writing is from my heart   open and free  deep and longing for the truth  clean  clear looking from within and without   attempting to just breathe in and breathe out in the now moment  free of struggles   really in that space where I am free of attempting  flowing like a river noticing the nuances of color reflecting on the dew drops on the spider’s web of the reflection in a puddle on the sidewalk or weeds flowering and growing in between each crack in order along the center of the freeway hanging out as if to greet the cars and passerby’s   with some unexpected hello and greeting    meeting life on its own terms instead of forcing the moment or attempting to capture something with the intention of making something happen  flowing and allowing the glow to arise on its own if it does or does not

when i let my writing light come through

i am in the zone   just me alone honing my skills up and down the hills of my spine the vines of my writing lining up with some hidden sparks in the dark sitting waiting patiently for me to see them shimmer glimmering for me neatly or chaotically as if stars shooting across the night sky surprising me with their beauty and yet gone in a flash if I don’t dash to catch them in the moment of their arrival  they will not survive a trip to the bathroom or fridge  the ridge they sink behind is not for me to climb again  they send my boquets and i must catch them in a flash dash to the keyboard sword in hand  sometimes sticking the tip in the air hoping to catch a few here and there  and some days i dare not rest for the feast just keeps being delivered whether I am full or not I must eat until the words have run their course and given me to overflowing in the bounty upon the page  the rage of words pure and pristine from the unseen places they grace my life when I choose to give them life

then read some memoir lady whose mother’s journals were  blank   women who were birds …

my writing for today is for

the place i adore in me  which freed me from pain today as i lay backwards in the dentists chair to bear the long humming and screaming of the chisels and lasers tearing off chunks of tarter beneath my gums and i humming with classical music relaxing   a little nitric oxide now and then    amazing myself at how peaceful I could be  me afraid of dentists my entire life  yet the regular dentist here causes no pain   this assistant offered me novocaine and I tried without it    me the woman in fear and yet no tears came  i remained calm through the entire hour and a half amazing us all   today I write for all those angels and friends who helped me remain sane and relaxed in this amazing moment of my life

when I let the light of my writing come through

i wonder at the miracles of life and how underneath it all the magic lies waiting to be uncovered and discovered by a child at play  w hat makes rainbows arch across the sky and birds and bees to fly    the caterpillar surrender into the soup of unknown design and out climbs a butterfly and why or why I wonder   i ponder with child like amazement at tiny bugs who can carry more than me if they were the size of a tree and a flea who can make one miserable even though it can barely be seen   i looked at photos of creatures quite bizarre  these tiny microscopic beetles or mites which live in my hair  they crawl around up there making it beautiful and clean and give it that shiny sheen    I wonder if they survive the shampoo and rinse of if they die each time and new ones are born to adorn my head and just appear amidst the rivers of waterfalls i spray all over the place to erase the soap    there are so many things I might never understand and yet their magic lives on and on every day playing around me  inspiring me to wonder even more and perhaps adore my journey with greater zest so i don’t forget the rest of my life and how important play is today and every day  amazed I am today

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