the story my emotions want me to tell …

the story my emotions want me to tell today goes like this    i am ready to wash away the past gunk from decades past    i want to scream out loud until i can no longer scream with some music   let out any last essence from the past   cry beat the pillows until i am flowing clean and clear    i am ready for newness  i am eager to begin a new life authentic and juicy and vibrantly me    free and unfettered by what has been   everything which has been was perfect   each step led me to here now where I wake up from my sleep   my emotions long to be felt and embraced fully   my emotions long to be danced clearly  authentically   my tears long to flow rivers down my cheeks     my emotions are ready for all they can be    today i stop creating the sludge  today i stop holding back  clenching  not feeling  creating garbage clinging to my bones     today i begin fresh and new  attracting a new partner   writing my books   inhaling the juicy orgasmic delights each day can bring   today i begin anew   vomiting the past into the arms of the Divine  to compost into the magic of a new born day   today emerging like a new blade of grass shining and glistening in the arms of the sun’s embrace    i am here to grace the day with a vibrant new delightfully joyful me

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