Taking Risks ~ What Men Appreciate About Women!

MY AMAZING DAY!!  Day 12 Taking RISKS!  The RESULTS of my Survey!!

I am in a 30 Day Class with Michael Neill … Creating The Impossible and my Goal is a new lifetime relationship with my ideal man.  We get audio lessons every day …

At first I could not wrap my mind about the assignment for Day 12 and how to fit it into a Day of Shopping in town (I go shopping one day a week and run all our errands due to the fact we live so far away.) and be on the hourly calls at the top of each hour, and have it apply to my Impossible goal of attracting a life long male partner. It fit into business and producing a book or record and not to this. So I went inside and meditated.  I received an answer and was quite scared to be honest.

Approach strangers, men you do not know, and ask them these questions.  What are two things do you appreciate most about women and what two things confuse you, irritate you or you simply do not understand?  Just the thought made me almost wish my  car’s battery was dead again!  Yet my car worked fine and since I had asked for guidance, I felt I had to take action in some way, even if I just asked one man.

Well by the end of the day I had approached about 12 men in the vitamin store, grocery store, restaurant, and Goodwill!  It often took me about 15 minutes of shopping, or eating lunch before I could actually talk myself into asking my questions!  One man had been single for so long he said it would take a minute to contemplate them.  He was upset by women who did not appreciate physical affection in public.  I told him that was definitely not me and would he like a hug? He did and I have him a big hug. He told me it had been so so long since he had been hugged I truly truly just made his day!!  I learned a great deal during this process about men and myself! I would say about half the men had no trouble appreciating women and had a much harder time finding things they did not like!

The men ranged in age from about 25 to about 68 or so I would guess.  The oldest man answered with questions about sexuality.  While I was afraid to approach them, I only had one shy man refuse. So here are the results of my survey!  If I heard the answer more than once I put an X behind it.

What two things you appreciate Most about women?
Honesty XXXXXX
Sense of Humor
Future Sightedness…  have visions ..looking to the future
Passion about “something”!
Best Friend
Respect a Man for being a Man!
Can “process” things well
Just Leap into action
Are just Beautiful
Ability to Have Children
Sexual Uninhibitedness
Being .. “the other half” or like that piece of a puzzle that fits in.
Make a man “feel” like he is in charge even when she really is.
I love the way a woman can ensnare me with her charms, and leave me helplessly numb trying to figure out what goes on in that secret garden of hers. I enjoy the “game.”
Women are sometimes better in touch with their feminine sides than men are.

Any Two things you don’t appreciate or like, or confuses you about women?
Too much talk and not enough action
Absence of communication
Lack of honesty
Not Being Approachable
Having a Hidden Agenda
Have to have everything your way.
Making some particular food they know we hate and then keep asking us how we like it!
Women that cheat
Abusive to children
Continual ….Doubting …Apologetic  ….
Driving skills … theirs and being a “back seat driver”
Deprecating ourselves … not being in our power.
Self Critical Nature
Overly concerned with make up and those kinds of things.
Giving Credence to other people’s concern over their own guidance.
Don’t like physical affection in public.
Reorganizing things all the time.
Never satisfied with what they have …always wanting more
Not living up to the way they say they should be in the world.
No straight answers
Women are so often “asexual” … we don’t know if you (women) are open and inviting us in or don’t want attention.  We have to guess!
Women do not let us know what they want sexually and instead let us makes fools of ourselves because they will not tell us what they like or want!
Women don’t have Strength!  (He said we do and yet some women don’t own this part.
Sense of helplessness
I find that women often expects things of their spouses, that they are not willing to “deliver” .
Have had a hard time shifting their minds from Victim mindset to.. owner. They keep blaming stuff outside them for… well, everything.

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  1. LOVE THIS, Morgine! Sounds like you had a fun day!

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