stages of life…remembering

narrative blank folded papers stages of life WC Julie 6-2012

0 – 10 .. nature    writing  reading  animals   playing outside   dad inspiring and drinking   with pain psoriasis bursitis     learning to cook and sew from mom  inspired to read and think by dad  fighting with sister  skunk chameleons  myna bird cats  mouse  rat

11-20  my best childhood friend died    got married  creativity inspired with children writing poems to jerry   left LA moved to Colorado away from family  graduate from high school  our dog killed by someone throwing raw meat with strychnine  old cat Blacky and Jerry’s dog doberman Melody friendship

21-30 living in Colorado   raising children living IN TOWN  moving to Iowa  huge garden  had goats ponies horses, cat dogs gerbils rabbits fish birds  4H Corn Carnival living in small town 900 people 300 children all in one school building

31-40  Iowa kids school moving here to WA  making teddy bears for collectors  living as artists  struggles financially  almost losing home  help from Judy   reading Seth Reality Creation  Andy going to Peru as foreign exchange student  kids working at YWCA camp at summers Denver in college

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