Narrative Pages WC Julie 6-2012

Narrative page banks for Julie’s class

0-10  nature  writing  animals  playing outside dad drinking .. pain severe psoriasis  inspired me to read  i could be president he said  mom taught me cooking sewing loving all peoples of different colors and religions   fighting sister  cat skunk myna bird  chameleons mouse rat

11-20  best friend died on operating table creativity inspired writing jerry love poems   graduate highschool  special relationship between old cat Blacky and Jerry’s doberman Melody  dog killed by eating raw meat thrown in yard with strychnine  having my own children   moving away from san fernando valley CA to Colorado

21-30  living in colorado for the first time ever “in town” very difficult  moved into house with two levels had to always go up and down stairs coming in front door and moved to another home later … our choice …because we found out house’s owner had to move back to town as job ended and they were renting another home… had a nice back yard and little garden space   moved to Iowa  living on 2 acres  huge huge garden space  lots of animals milking goats ponies, dogs cat gerbils rats birds, fish  4H dogs classes  Denver won many awards with her dog who had distemper when she adopted him

31-40  changed to organic gardening and eating … moved to Washington… that was a journey in itself with trailer breaking off in Yellowstone by a cliff and Jeep blowing oil line and other things and keeping 2 birds warm every day during the several days it took to get here…  were teddy bear artists  making bears designing and making from scratch including clothes,  furniture and so on for collectors for almost 10 years supporting our teenage children  very creative and loving experience except financial challenges and almost losing home … stopped because of health concerns inhaling teddy bear fabrics and stuffing  introduced to Seth by Jane Roberts and reality creation entire perspectives of life changed

41-50   children began working away from home at YWCA camp  Andy went to Peru as foreign exchange student for a year  learned animal communication to help our two dogs from fighting… Denver’s old dog coming home and meeting Jerry’s new young dog  led to animal communication to resolve issue  people began calling and I had not told anyone and later led to me taking more classes and becoming animal communicator and communicating with nature  grew garden in front yard no fence and deer never ate anything  animals teaching me how to live as love

51-63  Jerry stepped away from our relationship  we became room mates after making love almost daily for over 30 years  Even thought I knew it was somehow a gift i went through my deep night of the soul by journaling which saved my life.. .. very painful and finally saw the gift  was not being authentically ourselves either of us confused about my purpose and passion and gathering clarity learning to be happier and more focused on feeling better

Narrative in fourths   Theme…  MOVING
1-23  Living in same home until my parents separated and moved to house a couple minutes walk from my original house  I got married … moved to Reseda house when married and then moved to house my Mom moved out of by my original house and just above Jerry’s house…could walk down hill to his Mom’s house my second Mom

24-27  about  moved to Colorado to first house and had to go up and down from front door…   lived there for a few months until we learned the owner had to move back to town as job ended and was renting another home so we, on our own moved to another house with a nice back yard and basement again to a home “in town” instead of living rurally  that was difficult  had a tiny garden  kids took trip to CA to visit my Mom and Jerry’s Mom and we drove to Salt Lake city for Jerry’s work

30-35 about Moving  to Iowa  living in motel until we found a house..  found a house in  a small town of 900 people with 300 children in one school room   growing about half of our food learned to dry freeze can and more  and more then job offer came to move to WA  sat down with Denver and Andy and discussed everyone’s feelings concerns wishes and such until it was a unanimous decision to move to WA

36 – 63 about moving from Iowa driving Jeep pulling horse trailer with horse and cat and some possessions and Jerry driving moving van pulling trailer  an entire book in itself with trailer broke off and park rangers had to cut off tarp and unload our stuff and put into their big truck and took care of our children and animals until we drove hundreds of miles for another uHaul trailer ..keeping the birds warm in the cab of the truck  the jeep blowing an oil line in a town with only 9 people and finding the part we needed…

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