My secret of life is …

My secret of life is …  breathing in life more fully in every moment.  Pausing to breathe in the moment and whatever I am doing more fully, more completely, using all my senses. Feel my fingers floating across the keyboard, smelling my warm oatmeal with its rising maple wafting through the air.  Drawing in the greens of nature outside my window and inhaling their love, their quiet wisdom, their serenity. Noticing the gentle pulsating rhythms of my little brown dog Cedar laying between my feet, toes sticking out of my compression socks, cradling her and rubbing her tummy.  My secret to life is living life here and now, tasting my food, savoring the love which surrounds me, feeling the softness of my clothes, appreciating the comfort of my black chair. Being grateful for all the incredible amazing magic my computer offers me, connecting me with a universe I may never visit in person and yet can feel love for, and be intimate with, in different ways. Breathing in each moment, allows me to be present to the magic which is so alive in every precious moment when I am alive and awake to it.

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  1. I feel in the moment with you as well. 🙂

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