my life as a work of art – Writing Camp 6-2012

Writing Camp 6-2012

my life as a kind of artwork   I am an original unique one of a kind work of art  there is only one me here to see and experience  no other  of course i can wear different personas   different people can have different perspectives   i can even have and have had different perspectives of myself depending on where I am viewing myself from   no one knows me as i do, naked bare skin the truth glowing in the light of day  no one sees life through my filters and yet I have often been confused and looking at myself through other people’s lenses   before now I often did not recognize and own my own beauty and brilliance   i covered my eyes will filters put in place by a society and culture which would have me conform to their acceptable ways of being and fitting in… i would judge myself as distorted, misshapen, not having an acceptable figure until now the truth is revealed pure pristine and perfect more beautiful than words could embrace and trace onto the page


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