my primal earth is

Journey in writing WC Julie 6-2012

my primal life on earth is
the journey itself   the experiences and how I was in them  not the outstanding memorable moments  i believe it is probably the moments in between which seemed so ordinary before I began becoming more aware of them   watching the fish in our tank or in the river  watching my children breathe or run and play with the dogs  the fog settling in at the oceans edge   like I heard say one day… a famous painter did not paint the sunlight on the leaves rather he painted the spaces in between and the leaves appeared   when focused in between the highlights become less important and the colors in between are richer

the life i created on earth have been  miraculous spectaculous amazing i have come to  embrace them and trace them with fingers soaked in unconditional love and grace   tracing my face upon the canvas of life and how my desire to live as love  this precious journey has taken me places other journeys would not have gone  has presented me with circumstances to challenge my ways of thinking  so I could step outside the boxes in which I was living and see more clearly things as they might be free of normal definitions   right wrong good bad beneficial dangerous  what if I remove all those values and judgments and let them all  go  how many layers and layers of thought  of painted words wash away, fall into compost on the ground leaving only the naked pristine truth for me to view once and for all   seeing what was hidden before inside the hands attempting to control how they live  i am surrendering more into the flow of life  to the divine spark I am trusting the flow of the river more than ever before adoring me for a change and the life I have lived

my journey is to travel through life as the adventure it was meant to be   skinny dipping in rippling water falls playing as the child I am inside    going to new places and meeting new people   having fun exploring new places, mysterious and inviting.  i want to live in the moment, my life as a work of art ever changing and making a great conversation about the new paths i have traveled   visiting junk stores and exploring antiques  wearing old clothes with new ones, and sitting inside quiet churches contemplating those who built them centuries ago and all who might have sat in their pews   playing music in my car   camping out under the stars next to a bright warm fire    i never tire spending time in nature,  walking the ocean’s shores, visiting cultures I have not seen before  making those bridges which connect all our hearts into one song   making monuments of our lives in which we all swim in the same ocean and eat similar foods and sing songs which unite us all whether we live in the prairie and desert or high in the mountains covered with snow  discovery awaits us every day as the sun climbs up over the mountain tops and another juicy adventure awaits

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