I will stay the course because

Today I will choose to stay the course because…

I have chosen to BECOME who I truly am, a Woman!  I have just learned why I have been so stuck since a child and possibly even before that, back to the Middle Ages, when some 9 million women were killed just for being themselves and nothing more.  Just for being loving, caring, nurturing healers.  Just for living connected to nature, loving life, themselves, their children and families. Women were killed and tortured, beaten for blessing and gracing the world with their feminine attributes and so we became more like men in order to survive and not be killed.

I choose to stay the course because THE WORLD needs me! The world is falling apart, being torn apart by men and women living from that adrenalin fight or flight point of view! We can see it in our sports where we now use words like annihilate and crush. Of course this exists on the battlefield as well, where young men have to be brain washed into hating their enemy so they can  actually kill men, women and children merely because they see life in a different way than they do. Even in business now competition becomes ruthless and we must defeat our competition, overcome them, crush them and so on and so on ad nauseum!!

I choose to stay the course because I NEED AND WANT A NEW WORLD TO LIVE IN  and I begin by BEING THE CHANGE I wish to see! I am a Woman. I am strong when I Relax, Surrender, become One with my moments. When I am Calm and Grounded and Centered nothing can knock me over!! As a woman I give Birth to my Business and love and nurture my creation into fullness as I would my beloved child!!  When I relax and am truly grounded my power comes from within and I can then handle any stress which comes along, as it does in raising children.  I am more congruent with who “I” truly am without the need to compete with men or even other women. I want us all to succeed!  I celebrate all our successes. I don’t compete with my sisters, I cheer for them!!

My power is probably even greater than a man’s. I can be strong in the middle of a storm of chaos.  I can and have been relaxed in the middle of a serious and challenging moment, surrendering into my wisdom and doing what needs to get done without fear and worry and doubt creeping in. Without needing to wrestle anything down as a man is more inclined to do.  I use oxytocin to achieve my goals, the parasympathetic system, not the adrenalin which often shuts it down.

Recently I told a friend about his phone kept ringing and he angrily told me he would take care of it later and hung up on his cell.  My intuition kicked in and I violated an agreement and called the number back. There was an emergency and someone was attempting to get hold of him from the hospital and did not have his cell phone number.  Later he called to thank me.

Today I will stay the course because I AM REBIRTHING MYSELF back into who I truly am. No more attempting to be as good as men, comparing myself to men and other women, striving to force myself into molds into which I will never ever fit!!     I am totally RELAXING and Surrendering back into my true nature. I will HONOR those women who died. I will again claim my loving, nurturing, caring, compassionate nature.  I will stand tall and strong and grounded in knowing my power is from within and no one can shake it away ever again! I am here on behalf of Mother Earth, Nature, Plants, Animals, Insects, and my beautiful Brothers and Sisters around the world seeking a better life. One in which we All have our desires met! One in which we take into consideration All of our Actions and how they might impact all of creation, not just what exists in front of us here and now.

Today I choose to stay the course because I am creating New World, one small step at a time as the POWERFUL WOMAN I know know myself to be.  Most classes today, most books, most diets are coming from the male perspective and have been for generations.  No pain no gain .. Just do it! … You can create a million dollars in 3 months! I did!  We can beat them!!  The results are really not bringing greater love, joy, health, peace and abundance to life all around us, quite the opposite is true.  I am choosing to be Me, to be Authentic and to bring the world back HOME where it belongs in Harmony and Balance with its Environment. I will not defeat men. I will hold their hands, look deeply into their eyes and remind them who they truly are deep inside. I will enroll them in a new challenge. The greatest challenge they have ever faced! Learning to love themselves as they are, without the need to make anyone feel less, or to beat someone else, or to defeat someone else.  To shake hand with “the enemy” and find the gifts they can truly bring into their lives!  We are all One family of Human Beings and when we realize that, we can work together to create MAGIC unseen or even contemplated before in this place and time. The time is now and I am ready for the game!!

Hurray for ME. Hurray for each of us playing our part Authentically and Powerfully!
© Morgine Jurdan October 25, 2010

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