I secretly write because …

I secretly write because.…  it saves my life pure and simple ….  i write because it is like breathing to me, like eating  …  a few years ago Jerry stepped away from me by inner guidance .. I trusted his guidance although I did not understand it at the time..  We were happy, making love daily, and rarely arguing.  However, we trusted his inner guidance.
I thought i was totally loving and yet I had issues around jealousy and abandonment . I had no money for therapy or coaching or anything at all.  There were so many different times I wanted to die and let go of life.  I would write out all my confusion, my frustration again and again and again. I was surprised the pages did not ignite on fire some days there was so much pain it is impossible to describe.  I allowed my inner child to rant and rave at me, at my parents and sister, about being molested.  My writing has saved my life and saved my therapy for decades.
I secretly write to communicate with God, my guides, others who have passed, to find answers, to know myself better, to learn to love me and embrace and find where I am not doing this, to communicate with other parts of my older, younger, future, angry, happy, depressed.  I write to connect with nature and animals and hear their messages which tear me open wider and deeper every day.  I write to know myself, to share myself, to become more vulnerable and open to myself and others.  I write to allow myself to be naked and share my raw  with all my feelings holding nothing back

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