I remember how much I used to not like …

I remember how much I used to not  like …
raw fish  smoked salmon

I remember how much I used to not like raw fish. My father returned from Japan eating raw fish and raw eggs. Sometimes I would gag just at the thought of it. I loved the delicate crispy fried tempura, eating vegetables I would hate in other ways, just keep that uncooked, cold, raw dead fishy out of my mouth!  How can you eat cold slimy stuff like that I pondered, feeling that gaging reflex in my throat. Uggh! I watched my father swallow his raw egg from a little glass and I wanted to run to the bathroom and barf as if I was doing it myself.  I was only about 8 or 9 years old! The thought alone made me sick and watching was even worse.

I remember the night at the restaurant when he forced me to take a taste.  Just a little bite, he coaxed me.  He told me I would never know what I might be missing if I did not taste it first, like he did over in Japan. He thought he would hate it too, and he loved it. So I put that cold, raw, slimy, shiny piece of red tuna on my tongue. Wow it almost melted. It was different than I had imagined, especially with a little soy sauce on it.  I liked it! In fact I loved it.  Later my father would decide he might not have made such a wise choice in forcing me to taste it. Whenever we went to a Japanese restaurant, I wanted Sashimi, as it is called, the most expensive thing on the menu. I would order just what I liked best and even do so today. My favorite is called a rainbow roll which is five or six different kinds of raw fish, all rolled side by side interspersed with some avocado and shrimp.  It is almost too beautiful to eat and yet I do so anyway!!

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