I like my writing … and it reminds me of …

I like my writing and how it allows me to flow myself onto the pages with letters and words sometimes sharing my inner most feelings and desires. It is like a river flowing  to me and through me, always present whenever I tune in and align with its loving embrace, carrying me along for as long as I desire to swim in its graceful fragrant waters.

I like my loving for the sake of loving and the deep joy this brings.  It is like a ribbon of rainbows infusing my life as I choose to see the brilliance living inside everyone here and now.  The colors vibrate joyously reminding me to breathe and see every person as they are in this beautiful rare moment we are together, always changing and transforming, with no past attachments.  We are dancing in the clarity of a refreshing rain, washing anything that was away and being fully present with what is here right now, glowing with the grace of the divine and the miracle of life itself!
I like my love and appreciation of nature and it is like a never ending spring of love, nourishment, clarity, joy, inspiration and more.  When I am in nature I feel immersed in love, I feel nourished and refreshed. I gain clarity and am often inspired after being confused and frustrated. It is like a magic tunnel of love in which I am always transformed into something brighter, clearer and more loving.

I like my connection to source, to God and All That Is for it is like an unconditional loving mirror in my life, always reminding me of my unique beauty, my many gifts, my overall magnificence and the treasure I truly am to the universe and to life itself. It sings with a clarity unlike anything else and speaks with a love I can hear regardless of where I am, if I just breathe deeply and listen.

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