I know my clarity right now and it is …

I know clarity right now and it is ….

bringing to me this moment here, now.  My hair is wet and cool hanging on my head, as the water begins to evaporate and my hair becomes lighter and lighter, not so heavily weighted down by wetness and curls beginning to form about my head.  Soft cloth covers my naked body. My new nightgown, purple and soft like several layers of a nice feeling T-shirt perhaps, draping and hanging down to my ankles, warming me against the slight chilly morning air in the room.  I hear a slight click of the keys under my fingers as I type these words, the only noise in the room, except Julie’s chimes on the phone. I hear them through the headset, black and shiny sitting across my wet hair beginning to curl.  The chord drapes itself from one end, across my tummy and around the black metal drawer like thing upon which my white keyboard and mouse sit.  Then it goes across my phone and up to a hook behind it, preventing it from lying on the floor under my feet.  On closer inspection the keys on my keyboard are white and set into a silver metal base.  My shiny magic Mac mouse sitting to my right ever ready to help me navigate across my computer screen.  My computer, lovely friend, sits in front of me as I type covered with yellow sticky notes.  I am my God Being. I am living my Brilliance ….

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