i experience bliss … delight .. contentment ….

i experience bliss delight and perfect contentment when i sit in my magical air chair which hangs on my front porch, a big silver ring screwed into the ceiling by my front door and it hangs freely, beige canvas softly sweetly calling me into its magnetic arms  come  come come it invites me into heaven   floating freely in the air, gently moving to and fro, even my legs comfortably held up by a canvas sling i am taken into another world   i am a child  i feel embraced by the divine  by god  by the air   no cares as all   i float away  close my eyes and see things i normally never see sitting in normal chairs   this chair floats in the air, flies, smiles for me and with me and through me   it is magical and brings me home into the present moment   in my magic chair i notice the textures of the air  the green moss hanging so lazily off the branches of the tree  birds jumping from branch to branch in search of tasty morsels  i hear the beautiful chorus of birds singing and their voices pierce my skin, caress my heart and mellow my mind    i am so kind to myself and the world whirling around in my magical air chair

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