Either .. Or

Either Or

I grew up
and often lived
in an either or world
a world in which things are
right or wrong
good or bad
left or right
forward or backwards
it was as if
every choice
this or that
I was divided in half
i could never have it all
I could only have a little piece
i realize that now
why i have lived
a divided life

life is really
this and that
good and bad
right and wrong
left and right
everything in between
not ever seen
in the either or example
cutting myself into slices
was unnecessary
chopping others to pieces
was also not needed
no more guessing
confessing it was all wrong
the song is a chorus
of notes
strung together
not just this note
or that
I do not paint
with just this color
or that color
it is always
and forever
an AND and and
my choices are endless
and infinite
random and organized
known and surprising
everything in between
seen and unseen
i now revel
in my unlimited

© Morgine Jurdan  10-1-2010

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