You found this page by chance! I don’t publish it! It is just a page where I post my writing when I take various classes. So it’s my “homework” page per se. Not read by many people. Therefore it contains all kinds of writing, free writing, journaling, poetry and more! 🙂

I have been passionate about writing since I was a young child and wrote in a journal before I was 10. I enjoyed writing poetry most of all, and later stories and articles. Today I enjoy sharing my spiritual awakenings and communications with animals and nature. I also love to help friends write more heart centered marketing, articles, and letters to friends. I do personal soul poems for people and even help with resumes and more! If you need a little help, just email me and we can talk about it.

If you want to read more of the writing I do share with the public , then please visit https://MorgineJurdan.com or https://CommunicationsWithLove.com and click the Writing tab.

Thank you for visiting and please know, this is not “my best” writing! Feel free to contact me if you do want some help with write more loving articles, letters to friends, or marketing! morgine@tds.net
Love, always, Morgine




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