Grateful for blessings of

The joy of writing….  9-23-2010

A beautiful green tapestry through my window. I see many shades of green, many textures from some and silky, delicate and sweet to strong and deep and tall and open.  There are shiny dark greens, tough and everlasting it almost seems. There are fine and delicate green needles dancing in the rain, flowing their fragrances upon the wind.  There is the window itself through which I gaze upon my special green tapestry, the lens through which i observe the changing day, sunshines streaking and stream through the green arms of swaying trees.  The green grass shining brightly after a morning shower crisp and refreshed and ready to greet a day of birds and animals and insect pittering and pattering around amidst its delicate bodies.  The blessings of sounds, the rain pounding the delicate grass, beating rhythms upon our new metal roof, rivering the windows with water falls from overflowing gutters filled to the brim with leaves.   Birds singing, springing from branch to branch, following their fluttering hearts, darting here and there, filled with love and joy for life itself.  Jumping after insects and worms  in the along the branches and in the gentle delicate arms of the grass.

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  1. adelita Says:

    i’m loving the name of your blog.

  2. learning Says:

    Thank you very much for that marvelous article

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